Rancang Bangun Human Machine Interface Generator Sinkron 3 Phase Menggunakan Wonderware

Generator Sinkron


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Synchronous generator is a synchronous machine that is used to convert mechanical power into electrical power. It is said to be a synchronous generator because the number of rotations is synchronous or equal to the number of frequencies, and this generator can be a three-phase ac synchronous generator or a single-phase ac synchronous generator depending on needs. , voltage, power on the motor and load by means of measurement. To meet these needs, the monitoring system for measuring the effect of changes in the driving value on the motor is designed to be equipped with sensors measuring current, voltage, power and rotation. From the measurement results of the synchronous generator monitoring system that is designed and built, the change in motor drive is a parameter that affects the measurement output value of the synchronous generator. The collected data will be sent via RS485 communication and then read in the simulation using Intouch Wonderware.     Keywords: intouch wonderware, arduino mega


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