Rancang Bangun dan Alat Bantu Pengepres Kulit Untuk Alat Musik Khas Riau (Kompang)






Kompang is a type of traditional musical instrument that is very well known among the Malay community in general. Almost similar to a tambourine musical instrument, Kompang is a traditional musical instrument from Riau Province made from wood and goat skin. In some areas in Riau, Kompang's musical instrument is also called the drum. The existence of this musical instrument is associated with the spread of Islam in Indonesia. Kompang consists of various sizes. Kompang is played in teams sitting, standing or walking. If kompang is played in a promised event, players will sit cross-legged or sit on a chair. If played at weddings and parades to welcome regional officials or state officials, these kompang players walk with the bride or regional officials, or state officials. In the process of making this kompang skin pressing tool, it uses a pull method using a hook made of stainless and consists of 12 pieces. In the withdrawal process using the pressure generated from the hydraulic jack which is loaded with 5 tons. In addition to the jack and hook, this tool also uses a drive system on the retaining plate that rotates and functions to facilitate the user during the nail installation process. After doing some comparison tests between the Kompang produced by SMEs and those produced with the Kompang skin pressing tool, data such as the processing time and sound intensity of the Kompang were obtained. In the conventional process of making kompang, the data obtained for processing time is 140 minutes. This is an obstacle for MSMEs due to the length of manufacture using conventional methods. Compared to using a skin press tool, the time data obtained is 25 minutes. Here it can be seen that the difference in time in the conventional manufacturing process with the manufacturing process using a Kompang skin pressing tool is 115 minutes faster. The next data obtained that the average sound intensity in conventionally produced kompang is 97.26 dB. The data was obtained by conducting 3 experiments. The intensity of the kompang sound produced by means of a kompang skin press is 111.1 dB. It can be concluded that the intensity of the sound obtained from the kompang which is produced using the Kompang skin pressing tool is higher than that of the kompang which is produced by the conventional method.


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