Design and build automatic coconut splitting machine


  • rizky ananda azhary Politeknik Caltex Riau


Based on the survey, the cottage industry every day cuts old coconuts without coir as much as 350 pieces/day. The majority of these industries still use the manual method, this method is certainly not effective, therefore an Automatic Coconut Splitting Machine Design was made. This machine uses a blade with a diameter of 35 cm with teeth 80 (A) and 100 (B), 2 speed variations are 6.51 (1) and 8.68 (2) rpm. Based on the test, manually splitting coconut takes 7.14 seconds, while the automatic process takes 3.27 – 3.33 seconds (ex. 1 blades A and B) and 3.12 – 3.23 seconds (kec. 2 blades A and B). This machine can produce 1,081-1,100 pieces per hour at speed 1. While at speed 2 as many as 1114-1,153 pieces per hour. As for power, this machine consumes 1,788.6 – 1,793 Watts at speed 1. While speed 2 is 1,784.2 – 1,808.4 Watts. Keywords: Coconut, Motor Phase 1, Motor Phase 2, and Blades.