Rancang Bangun dan Analisis Sistem Isolasi Pada Mesin Oven Bawang Hitam


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Black GArlic, Heat Transfer


Currently, there are still several processes in the manufacture of black garlic that still use the traditional method so that it takes a long time to make and the heat energy produced from the rice cooker is less efficient. One way that can be done to simplify the process of making black garlic is by making a heating chamber that can inhibit the release of heat energy generated from the heating process. The heat barrier wall of the heating chamber consists of glasswool and then the front and back layers are covered with aluminum plates. For the heating system, 2 heaters are used. In the heating chamber, the rack is designed in such a way that the onions can be cooked evenly. This research is focused on the heat transfer that occurs on the walls of the oven, and the output of this oven machine is black onion, the black onion that is seen is the water content of the fermented onion. The black garlic fermentation process is by heating the garlic at a temperature of 60°-75°. On the oven machine there are 3 racks that use ram nets, so that the heat in the oven space is evenly distributed.


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