Design and Build a Wood Lathe


  • Budi man Politeknik Caltex Riau


In general, wood lathes only have one spindle shaft speed and cannot produce a uniform workpiece. Even though the need for uniform results for wood lathes is due to the need for more than one workpiece such as table legs, chair legs etc. Therefore, a wood lathe has been designed that has two speeds and can produce uniform turning with the help of the wood contour mall used. This will certainly improve the production process. This wood lathe is designed to use two speeds where the transmission system uses pulleys. Speed ​​1 uses 4 inch pulleys on the motor and 4 inches on the spindle shaft and will produce a spindle shaft rotation speed of 2881 rpm. Then for the second speed using a pulley of 4 inches on the motor and 5 inches on the spindle shaft, the rotation speed of 2415 rpm is obtained. The test that was carried out was to do the turning process with two speeds and each speed to turn 3 workpieces. Keywords: Wood lathe, uniformity, yield of two speeds, Comparison of results at two speeds.