Rancang Bangun Instalasi Tungku Pandai Besi dengan Menggunakan Gas LPG Sebagai Bahan Bakar


  • Rudianto Politeknik Caltex Riau


Blacksmith Furnace, Burner, LPG, AFR


In many eras of globalization today where people use technology that makes it easier for humans, it can not only be done by professionals, but anyone can use it, one of which is a blacksmith's furnace. The system used in this blacksmith's furnace is to use only LPG gas which anyone can operate. There is no need to use an oxygen cylinder as the air supply. Using 1 burner which consists of 3 air holes with a diameter of 9.4 mm with an air intake speed of 1 m/s. then the highest temperature that can be reached by this furnace is 816°C within 10 Minutes. For the AFR, a ratio of 7:1 is obtained because the air supply used is directly from the surrounding environment and its nature can change because the air gusts in the environment are not always the same. In the test using 3 materials, namely brass, stainless steel and iron, each of which has a different hot point. And LPG fuel that is used up when 3 times of combustion at each time of 10 minutes is 0.36 kg