Perancangan dan Simulasi Mesin Duplicator Ukiran Sederhana


  • dendi rianto politeknik calte riau


Machine duplicator, gambus engraving, and Simulation


Making in a carving craft requires special skills and very high patience, from various kinds of carving patterns as well as in the manufacture of gambus musical instruments. The gambus musical instrument is one of the stringed instruments such as the mandoling originating from the Middle East. At least the stringed strings are paired with 2 strings and up to a maximum of 12 strings. Gambus music is one of the many musical instruments from regional arts found in Sungai Apit, Siak Regency, Riau. Gambus musical instruments are very identical or thick with nuances from Arabic culture, the many developments and various types of carvings are also followed by a lack of knowledge in the manufacture and experience of tool-making applications. To overcome this problem, a simple engraving duplicator machine design was compiled, to make it easier for the process in a design that would later be developed by displaying designs that require action with the presence of a 3D model of the construction display of the simulation tool described by simulation. By using the help of thesoftware. SolidWorks Version 2018 Where the results of the simulation are images that are made, to provide information on the loading simulation of this product, it has good strength and good ability to accept maximum load forces. So it is safe to use.


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