Designing IoT Based 3 Phase Motor Speed Monitoring System


  • Julius Fiorentino Parlindungan Sitompul Politeknik Caltex Riau
  • Muzni Sahar Politeknik Caltex Riau


RPM Motor, IoT, Condition Monitoring


Motor is a crucial equipment in the industrial world. Motor can be used as a conveyor drive, pump prime mover, compressor prime mover, etc. Equipment used in industry requires periodic condition monitoring and preventive maintenance to maintain it’s reliability and service life. Motor also requires condition monitoring, especially if the motor running for 24 hours. One of the motor variables that is maintained and monitored regularly is Rotation per Minute (RPM). The IoT-based motor speed monitoring (IoT BaChem) can measure Rotation per Minute (RPM) with a maximum error rate 10.3%, and a minimum error rate of 2.21% at variable speed test. IoT BaChem can perform better measurements at night compared to the common Tachometers on the market. In addition to taking measurements, IoT BaChem is also able to display measurement data on the IoT Platform which can be accessed from a computer or smartphone connected to the internet. Maximum distance between IoT BaChem and nearest access point is 62 meters.