Prepaid Electricity Token Distance Design With Remote System


  • dinno kurniawan pcr


Abstract Prepaid Electricity Token Distance Design With Remote System is a device that designed to fill electricity tokens on a prepaid KWH meters remotely via a smartphone. This device uses an ESP32-CAM board that already supports WIFI, as long as the device is safely connected to the internet, users can connect to the device remotely. When the user has sent a 20-digit electricity token via the blynk application, Arduino will execute it by refill the electricity token. The mechanism of pressing the KWH meter button is carried out by 12 solenoids that move linearly. When the electricity token charging process is complete, Arduino sends a command to the ESP32-CAM to take a photo of the KWH meter LCD screen and then notifies the user that the electricity token charging has been completed. The level of accuracy of the tool in charging electricity tokens is 93.33% with an average speed of 90.9 seconds and an average internet data quota of 1.84 kB from 15 trials. This tool is equipped with a sound detection sensor, so users will get a notification if the remaining electricity token pulse is running low.   Keywords : blynk, ESP32-CAM, Arduino.