Rancang Bangun Sistem Monitoring Prototype Mesin Packaging Berbasis PLC


  • Andrean Wahyudi PCR


The increasing need for information, monitoring, and controlling monitoring systems for equipment, industry, automotive, and even pharmaceuticals makes real time monitoring technology needed. The Monitoring System is designed so that production machines can be monitored in real time, so that the supervision of a production process becomes efficient. This system utilizes a PLC (Programmable logic controller) controller as a controller of the monitoring system which is communicated with Scada as software to process the resulting data that can be displayed via a PC in real time. Implementation of a PLC-Based Packaging Machine Prototype Monitoring System Design can display data from machining time, from Running time, Minor Stop Time and Breakdown Time. Where the time classification is made automatically so that it can make it easier for operators to record machining time and monitor production activities to be easier and more structured. The obtained PLC data will be transmitted to the OPC Sercer which is connected to the SCADA Intouch Wonderware as a display for this final project. From ten times of data retrieval, the running time received from PLC to PC (Wonderware) and vice versa from PC (Wonderware) to PLC this system responds well when the function is executed. Where there is a time difference or delay of 0.27s on the ON button and 0.33s on the OFF button with an emphasis on Software and Hardware. Emphasis with software to get a larger delay due to passing through the server first to connect the PLC to the PC (Wonderware).   Keywords: PLC, Scada, Monitoring, System, human error.