Implementasi NoSQL Key-Value Store Database Menggunakan Memcached untuk Membangun Model Infrastruktur Big Data


  • Cindy Michaela Politeknik Caltex Riau


Along with the rapid use of computers, data growth in the world is growing rapidly. The growth of data that occurs can cause the RDBMS can no longer process and store data that much. Therefore, Big Data technology emerged that can be the solution for now. NoSQL (Not Only SQL) is the latest generation database that leads to non-relational and horizontal scale databases. Big data can be handled using NoSQL, therefore a big data infrastructure model was built using NoSQL on Memcached multinode clusters with three nodes. From the infrastructure, performance tests are performed based on runtime, latency and throughput using the workloads on YCSB tools. The workload used is A, B, C, D, E, and F which consists of the process of load and run. Testing is done based on variations in data size (500,000, 1,000,000, 1,500,000 records) and the number of nodes used (1,2, and 3 nodes). Of all the design models made based on variations in the number of nodes it is suitable and recommended for workloads B, C, D, and E because the workload has a percentage of read operations of 50% to 100%. Keywords: Big data, Memcached, YCSB