Implementasi Network Traffic Monitoring dengan OpenNMS pada Jaringan Dual Stack


  • Sonya Novany Lumban Gaol Politeknik Caltex Riau


Monitoring a large network is quite difficult to do with manual techniques, so a monitoring system is needed. The network monitoring system describes how a system can monitor network conditions, both servers, routers, and other network devices that are interconnected. OpenNMS is one of the monitoring systems used in this study. In this case OpenNMS has monitored the current conditions of each node, up to giving status notifications to administrators via email. To be able to monitor the current network conditions, OpenNMS is connected via connecting devices namely Mikrotik and Cisco. On both devices, two versions of IP have been run at once (IPV4 and IPV6) called dual stack. Based on the results of the analysis that has been done on the use of the internet on dual stack networks, the traffic value generated by Cisco and Mikrotik devices has a significant difference between traffic in and traffic out. And the response time value obtained by IPV6 has a value that is smaller than IPV4 both when using Cisco and Microtic devices, so it can be concluded that IPV6 performance is better than IPV4 in terms of response time.