Implementasi Data Center Pada Cloud Computing Menggunakan Ubuntu Metal As A Service Di Jaringan Dualstack


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The Develpoment of technology is currently very rapid. For example in the field of data storage. Almost all of the data that has been stored are important. This can cause full capacity on the hard drive. Hard drive also had usage time. This can cause on the data that has been saved risked lose or corrupt. Data Center is a service from Cloud computing which can save data by online anywhere and anytime via internet connection. GlusterFS ensures data is duplicated between nodes. Pacemaker ensures the server is always available. MAAS is a Cloud computing service that can make a virtual center (node) where the node will used as a data center that are connected to each other. This research concluded that the success of uploading and downloading using IPv4 and IPv6 with a percentage of 100% and the success of the failover and failback method obtained an average of 66.67% success data in performing server expertise