Data Warehouse Rancang Bangun Monitoring PA Berbasis OLAP (Studi Kasus : Jurusan Teknologi Informasi)


  • Nisaul Rahmi Politeknik Caltex Riau


The Final Project (PA) is one of the requirements for graduation at the Polytechnic Caltex Riau. During the process, students are required to complete PA on time. The PA Guidance Process is organized in a system still in the form of description data. The data are in the form of PA progress percentage data and also description of activities during PA. Therefore, to facilitate PA Coordinators and Supervisors in monitoring the development of PA, a system is needed to be able to produce PA progress in the form of dashboards, using dashboard visualization that can facilitate users in monitoring PA processes. The dashboard is formed by the OLAP technology approach, which then PA data is modeled into a multidimensional form of data. Based on several tests that have been done, the results obtained are, in testing the quality of data transformation, there is duplication of data in the guidance data, this is influenced by the number of columns, and rows on the type of data (.xls) imported. Functional testing obtained an average value of 1 based on 3 types of factors, so that obtained features that have been implemented on the system and used correctly, the results that have been issued in accordance with the needs of the system. OLAP testing is in accordance with the needs based on the subject of analysis, in this test displays a graph using Higchart with drilldown and slice operations to be displayed as a dashboard visualization. The data transformation test found that PA progress descriptions can be calculated and displayed in the form of numbers.