Operating System and Network Monitoring Server System Using Instant Messaging API


  • jackson fernando Teknik Informatika


The problem that often occurs in a company or institution that has a server is the problem of human error, especially network administrators who are not able to monitor server for 24 hours in real time. To overcome this problem a monitoring system will be made using instant messaging that can inform service, performance, security, management in real time. The instant messaging api that will be used is telegram. Telegram is not only use for communication, but telegram also can be use in many ways such as bot. Bot on the telegram is use by the network administrator to send instructions or commands to the server then the server will send a notification according to the request of network administrator. The test results show that the monitoring system using instant messaging api requires 0.8994 seconds for the server to send notifications according to the request of the network administrator and the number of instructions sent by the network administrator does not affect server performance.