Network Implementation Information Management Monitor Using LTSP on Raspberry-Pi


  • Yogi Armanda Ciko


The development of network technology now allows many applications that can be done with computer networks. This can be seen from several companies and educational institutions in using computer networks as a companion to daily activities. One of them is the Polytechnic Caltex Riau (PCR). These developments demand to create a centralized server. The use of computers in PCR laboratories has not yet applied the user management concept. So from this final project is designed to build a server that can manage all activities on a laboratory computer. Primary Domain Controller (PDC) as a server that will provide access to the client so that the client has the facility to have its own account and storage media. From the results of the analysis it was found that the average user successfully logged in was 96% and for the average user succesfully to get a directory and use the application according to the administrator's permissions by 100%.