Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Pengarsipan di Perpustakaan Universitas Lancang Kuning


  • Risman Risman Politeknik Caltex Riau


Lancang Kuning University Library is one of the libraries that provide services for students, lecturers and other staff. In the implementation of business processes filing incoming letters from other agencies, as well as letters issued from the library itself. The problem is that when the library receives an incoming letter, they archive it in hard copy, this results in damage to the letter. Furthermore, in making the letter out here there is no format for making letters so that the library slows down in the process of making letters. For the above problems, a solution is obtained, namely the letter filing information system for the Lancang Kuning University library. This information system can manage incoming and outgoing mail, besides this system also provides information to the head of the household if there is an incoming letter. To develop this information system UAT testing is also carried out using the blackbox method with 100% results. Furthermore, a system interview was conducted to find out how useful the system was built for the Lancang Kuning University library. Based on the results of these tests it can be concluded that the information system built for the yellow lancing library has been running well and has also helped the yellow lancing library in the management of incoming and outgoing mail.   Keywords: Information Systems, UAT, Archiving, Letters.