The making of 3D Animation Film Putri Mambang Linau Folk Story Using Render Farm Method


  • Ganjar Ganda Gunartika Politeknik Caltex Riau


Rendering is the process of the converting objects on the camera into images. Based on the results of the survey to students who worked on the final 3D animation film project, it was obtained a week to render 3D animated films. To overcome the long rendering time, a render farm is used, a collection of computers built to speed up rendering. The implementation of render farm has been successful in previous research with performance results using five clustered computers 60% faster than single computer. However, that research uses a small collection of frames. Therefore, this research will use Putri Mambang Linau’s 3D animation on the render farm to get result that can prove the render farm can be used in making 3D animated films. Based on the performance testing that has been done using 32 clusters 95.48% or 22 times faster than single computer, this shows that render farm can help students in rendering 3D animation film and questionnaires that have been done get result is 81.99% that films made can be introduced to the public.