Educational Game Educational Learning Game for Genetic Substance in Biology Subjects


  • Yasmine Yasmine Politeknik Caltex Riau


Genetic substance is one of the material from biology lessons studied by 12th high school students major in science which discuss about genetic material. This material is considered difficult by most of that students. Their reason is this material is not real or cannot be seen directly by the eye, the explanation from the teacher in the school about the material is unclear, the material is confusing and difficult, and there are many materials which must be memorized. So the alternative learning media are needed, to help students learn independently, by utilizing existing technology at this time. Therefore, this final project is designed an educational game for learning material of genetic substance based on Android. Based on the tests that have been done, it was found that the functionality for the game was 100% in accordance with the expected results. As for the material that used in game, it is correct and accordance with the material that used by the school, based on the validation carried out by biology’s teacher, who have taught biology for 20 years. For performance testing, android device’s specification that needed to run this game smoothly is device that has RAM bigger than 1 GB. As for usability testing, the score obtained is 86,33% which means that the game is built very well from user’s side.