simulation of 3D animation recognition of symptoms of acute appendicitis using alvarado score calculation


  • Isti nurhalimah Nurhalimah Politeknik Caltex Riau


Acute Appendicitis is an inflammation that suddenly arise the appendix and one of the abdominal surgical cases that often occurs. Acute appendicitis needs to be dealt quickly so that complications do not occur. Lack of public knowledge is one of the causes of late examination and diagnosis. In establishing the diagnosis of acute appendicitis, there are several scoring systems that have been proposed and used by the expert alvarado score nowadays. Therefore, a 3D animation simulation of symptoms recognition and diagnosis of acute appendicitis was developed using the Alvarado Score calculation. Testing of this system used 3D animation recognition symptoms simulation validation, black box testing, likert scale, diagnostic testing after surgery. From the expert validation testing, it was found that the 3D animation simulation of the recognition of the symptoms made could be used as an alternative for the introduction of symptoms of acute appendicitis. Then the results of the black box testing found that all functional systems have been running as expected. Furthermore, the results of the Likert scale test found that 93% of patients strongly agree that this application is interesting and easy to use. 100% of patients strongly agree that this application has fulfilled the knowledge base in conducting diagnoses and conclusions provided by the system with the results of expert diagnoses according to those experienced patients. 87.5% of the results of system diagnoses are the same as the results of diagnosis of patients after surgery.   Keywords: Simulation, 3D animation, acute appendicitis, Alvarado Score