The Design and Build Educational Games for the Recognition of Letters and Numbers in 3 Languages ​​(Indonesian-English-Arabic) for PAUD Children


  • Syarif Hidayatullah Politeknik Caltex Riau


At the early childhood education level, children are introduced to letters and numbers. There are several learning methods used by teachers to introduce letters and numbers to early childhood education children, such as learning to write letters or numbers using picture, questions and answers, or singing. One of the media that can be used is the interaction between humans and computers by using sound as input, namely Speech Recognition in a game. By using Google speech recognition then integrating it into the game tebak huruf dan angka then it becomes an educational game built with Unity. From the results of testing and analysis all the buttons on the game are running as expected. Speech recognition test results show that Indonesian is easier to guess than English and Arabic. Based on the usability testing game tebak huruf dan angka 3 bahasa (Indonesia-Inggris-Arab) untuk anak-anak PAUD can be used as an alternative media in learning letters and numbers for PAUD children.