Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Customer Loyalty Dengan Penerapan IDIC Model dan Metode K-Means Clustering Pada Usaha Refleksi (Studi Kasus: Star Pusat Refleksi Keluarga)


  • Sherly Maharani Politeknik Caltex Riau


A company has a way to make customers use their services and have the opportunity to use the services offered. Star center family reflection is a company engaged in services such as body treatments, facials, and spa. So that the company can achieve this, one method used is to approach the three perspectives of CRM, IDIC Model, and the application of the method of K-Means Clustering. Three perspectives CRM approach chosen because it has a strategy to improve customer satisfaction. IDIC model is a model that shows that the company should take four measures Identify, Diffentation, Interact, Customized to maintain and sustain long-term relationships with customers. And K-Means Clustering Method used for customer segmentation. K-Means Clustering Method mengola customer transaction data stored. Results from three perspectives CRM application and IDIC Model is make it easier to build applications understand the customer so that the customer desires. While the results of applying the method of K-Means Clustering is grouping customers by category. existing category 3 which consists of platinum, gold, and silver. Based on tests performed by using Usability Testing applied to the customer Star, obtained a percentage of 84% with Star judging the meaning customers could not agree to the application of customer loyalty Star and testing Black Box Testing showed 100% by testing as many as 33 items.