Aplikasi Pencarian Rute Terpendek Menuju Hotel di Kota Pekanbaru Menggunakan Algoritma BCO (Bee Colony Optimization) Berbasis Android


  • Filda Novita Politeknik Caltex Riau


Many visitors or people who are looking for a hotel, but do not know which route to be passed towards the hotel. It happened because of a lack of information and the address of the hotel you are looking for. Main purpose of building a search application shortest route to the hotel to save time and cost in order to get to the destination. The algorithm used is to implement Bee Colony Optimization (BCO) is an algorithm for the search paths with the lowest range of the search. Another advantage in the use of BCO concepts and implementation easy, few parameters, it is very simple, flexible and also generated near optimum solutions. Based on questionnaires given to 30 respondents, 93,75% strongly satisfaction agreed with the application built. This application android helps visitors to find the shortest route that must be passed by applying BCO algorithm and google maps in its implementation