Sistem Pakar untuk Mendiagnosis Penyakit Demensia Menggunakan Metode Demster-Shafer


  • Julia Tri Utami 081318903646


Dementia is a syndrome that decreases progressive intellectual ability which causes deterioration of cognition and function, resulting in impaired social functioning, work and daily activities as well as relationships with surrounding people. Dementia is often experienced by everyone, even from adults to the elderly. Some people still do not realize that they may have dementia due to limited information about this disease. Even if the disease of dementia is left alone and continues on an ongoing basis can cause concern that can disrupt the routine of one's life, of course, then also affect the quality of life and condition of the psychologist. Expert systems can help diagnose dementia earlier without having to see a psychiatrist and psychologist directly. This final project was made using the Dempster Shafer method. The implementation uses the PHP programming language and for storing data used by MySQL.   Keywords: Expert System, Dementia, Dempster-Shafer, Density, PHP, MySQL