game Penerapan Linear Congruent Method pada Game Edukasi Tebak Huruf Hijaiyah dan Iqra Berbasis Android


  • alvi vebryanto Politeknik Caltex Riau


The important of learning to read and write Al-Qur'an contained in the goverment ordinance of republic indonesia No. 55 of 2007 about religion education article 24. As a moslim, parents must teach about qur'an to their children early. So that children want to learn and read the qur'an, then build an education game to guessing a letter of hijaiyah and iqra' with utilize technology of smartphone with an Android based operating system. Result of the study is built an education game guessing letter of hijaiyah and iqra' with an Android based operating system by using Linear Congruent Method (LCM) to facilitate childrens to know letter of hijaiyah and iqra' while playing. Based on the text result using white box was concluded that the randomization process using a linear congruet method algorithm was implemented properly and as expected. In the third test, namely the experimental design testing conducted on children aged 9 to 11 years, it is known from statistical tests that provide information that using a game application has better learning outcomes than without using a game application. In the fourth test, the reusability test obtained a value of 92,8% which indicates that the application built is in the acceptable category, indicating that the application being built is feasible to use.