Animasi Implementasi Teknik Pencahayaan Artificial Lighting dan Teknik Sinematografi pada Pembuatan Film Animasi 3D Si Lancang


  • Yoga Adi Prasetyo Politeknik Caltex Riau


Folklore is a story that is basically conveyed by someone to another person through verbal narrative. One of them in Riau province is the Si Lancang folklore. However, many people, especially the people of Riau, do not know the Lancang folklore. In this study the Si Lancang folklore was raised to be packaged in the form of a 3-dimensional animated film. In making this animated film, two techniques will be used, namely Artificial Lighting lighting techniques and Cinematographic techniques. By using artificial light and a good lamp layout will make good lighting results resulting in good image visualization and in accordance with the scenario. Cinematography technique will focus on the camera angle (Camera Angle), which is the location of the camera when shooting from a good direction and position to produce more tangible results. Based on technical testing conducted by experts, the 3D animation film Si Lancang is said to be interesting or not boring and the questionnaire that has been done gets 82.76% results that the film made can be reintroduced to the public.