Implementation of MariaDB Database Replication by Using Cluster Technology


  • Jaswenny Huang Mahasiswa


In using database, we will be faced with the risk of disturbance in the database such as the occurrence of data loss and also database can not be accessed (downtime). When database server fails, all services will stop and all business processes will not work. The way to anticipate the risk in using database is to use replication technique. One of the cluster technology that used to perform database replication is Galera Cluster. Galera Cluster uses a multi-master replication type in database duplication method. It allows data to be stored in a number of servers and updated from all servers. In addition, another method is also applied such as load balancing by using a tool called HAProxy to distribute the workload across multiple servers. Based on the results of the research, it was found that the success rate of database replication by using Galera Cluster was 100%. In addition, the greater the data sent to the database, the higher the value of replication pause time. Meanwhile, HAProxy is able to divide workload evenly and handle server  failures with a 100% success rate.