Animasi Pembuatan Film Animasi 3D Cerita Rakyat Limuno dengan Implementasi Teknik Pose to pose


  • Yose Apero Politeknik Caltex Riau


Folklore is a story that is passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth orally. One of the folklore contained in Riau Province is Limuno. Many people today, especially the Teluk Kuantan community only know the Limuno story, but not in detail. In this research, Limuno folklore will be packaged into a 3D animated film. In 3D animated films, smooth and seemingly realistic animation movements certainly become one of the factors that must be considered. The pose to pose technique is one of the techniques used in the animating process because its application uses the basic principles of animation so that it helps produce good animation movements. Based on the results of testing and analysis, the storyline of the 3D animated film Limuno Folklore has been validated by cultural figures in Teluk Kuantan. The Pose to pose technique has been successfully implemented in making Limuno 3D animated films. And based on the results of the questionnaire that has been done get 85.93% results that the 3D Limuno animated film can reintroduce Limuno folklore to the public.