Aplikasi Data Mining Untuk Menentukan Status Gizi Balita Menggunakan Algoritma K-Nearest Neighbor (Studi Kasus : Puskesmas X Koto I Koto Baru)


  • Shella Marshelina Politeknik Caltex Riau


To calculate nutritional status refers to the standard that World Health Organization (WHO) gave based on weight with age (BB/U) and height with age (TB/U). Manual operation that use formula would need a lot of time and a good precision. If the formula is wrong or the result is wrong would be bad and affect the child. So, a system was built to prediction the nutrional status of children so that they could assist nutrition workers and parents in predicting the nutrional of child. Based on test results to know value of K obtained accuracy 85,29% gave based on BB/U and TB/U and K obtained accuracy 83,75% gave based on BB/U and TB/U. Based on the results of testing conducted on the system using the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) test, the results show that 100% of the system runs according to its function, and for 30 responden the results show that 91.86% of the system runs according to its function. With that accuracy value Knn algorithm can give a recommendation to prediction nutrional status of children, to help worker nutrional and parent to know nutrional status of children.