Reverse Proxy, Google Cloud Implementation of Reverse Proxy by Using Google Cloud Platform


  • Ronaldo Agung Nugroho Student


As time goes by, the increasing number of internet users means that there will be many requests through the internet network, one of these requests is access to the website. One problem that often arises is that a website becomes slow in handling user requests, and also websites hacking. To deal with these problems, the Reverse Proxy method appears as a solution. With Reverse Proxy, we can create a website cache, so we don't need to start from the beginning when we want to access information from a website and access faster. As a security feature, Reverse Proxy also functions to hide the real identity of a website, so when hackers want to sabotage a website, the address they attack is Reverse Proxy and not the original address of the website they want to attack. Based on the results of the study, the performance of a website can be better when equipped with a cache from Reverse Proxy, moreover, the resulting throughput is also better with a smaller throughput value, which means that Reverse Proxy can overcome these problems.