Analisis Kualitas Pendidikan Di Provinsi Riau Menggunakan Metode Nine-Step Kimball


  • Westy Hartati Politeknik Caltex Riau


Education is the most important thing for human life. Riau Provincial Education Office as an institution that has a de-concentration in the field of education. Based on interview with the Riau Provincial Education Office, they have several criteria for school quality, namely the National Examination (UN) score, the number of students and school accreditation. What is needed to know the quality is a pattern. At present these data are only stored and have not been utilized to help develop the quality of education. By using multidimention data warehouse data modeling, existing data can produce information such as the UN score pattern, the pattern of student numbers and the distribution of accreditation that can be utilized to improve the quality of education in Riau. This research was built by applying the Nine-step Kimball method to facilitate the construction of data warehouse and the modeling applied is the Star Schema. Using the PHP programming language and CI framework. Based on UAT testing, the function of this system has been successfully built and is running well. From the usability test result, obtained excellent results regarding the easy of use of the application, easy to learn, satisfying and useful for user.