Penerapan Metode Reorder Point pada Sistem Inventory Toko Elektronik ( Studi Kasus : Toko Sumber Cahaya )


  • Zikra Abdiah Makhfirah Pekanbaru


Sumber Cahaya store is an electronic store located in the city of Pekanbaru. This store has several problems that often occur in the sale and supply of goods. In managing inventory, losses often occur due to excess or lack of goods in the warehouse. So that the stock does not count clearly in this store due to not having a record of sales data and inventory. When you want to order goods to a supplier, the shop owner just imagines with an estimate. So that shop owners experience a decrease in profit / profit because too much capital is embedded in the inventory. In addition to the above problems, shop owners also have difficulty in determining the priority items. So as to find out what is the optimum amount for ordering goods and to know when to order stock items again. To overcome this problem, an inventory system was created using the Reorder Point (ROP) method. The Reorder Point (ROP) method is used to determine the limit of the stock in the store. After knowing the number of stocks, it takes Ecomonic Order Quantity (EOQ) method to find out the optimum order quantity of goods stock. Based on the test results of the User Acceptance Test (UAT) conducted 3 times, stating that all user needs have been met as a whole. Then in the opinion of the shop owner the system is easy to use, the quality of the system is good and provides accurate information of 86%. The store can also minimize the time to search for items 72,58% faster.