Implementasi dan Analisis Computer Clustering System pada Video on Demand (VoD) Menggunakan Virtualisasi Docker


  • Aldo Fadilla Putra Politeknik Caltex Riau


The development of information technology is currently increasing, one of which is virtualization. In building a service, developers usually use Full virtualization and Paravirtualization virtualization techniques. But the virtualization technique is not effective and uses up a lot of resources. With container technology, it will be more effective and lightweight compared to other virtualization techniques because container technology only isolates libraries and applications that will be run. While virtualization must isolate all components such as hardware, kernel, operating system, and others. To build a service using containers, cluster orchestration software is needed, one of which is Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open source cluster management application. The application is an internal application used by Google namely Borg to manage its distribution system. Therefore, this research will implement and analyze a computer clustering system using docker virtualization. Based on the results of testing using 2 active worker s has an average throughput of 222,72 kBps, latency of 5.67 ms and compilation using 3 worker s that have an effective throughput of 325,82 kBps, latency of 5.51 ms. The results of testing on video services as requested shows that the number of workers increases, the service will be better.