Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Informasi Jadwal Kajian Masjid Menggunakan Location-Based Service Berbasis Android


  • Fadli Gaulan Maulana Politeknik Caltex Riau


In July 2018, a survey of 39 smartphone users consisting of the general public and Islamic student activity units who actively attended the study, found that 59% of the public had difficulty finding information about the study schedules that were around them, 61.5% of the public had difficulty in finding location locations the study was conducted, while 74.4% of the community had never used the study schedule information application. Meanwhile 100% of the public uses Android applications for various activities. In this study the application of location-based mosque study schedule information was developed to find the study schedule information based on the nearest area using Location-Based Service (LBS). This application was developed on the Android platform using the Java programming language, Android Studio IDE and MySQL as a database. In this study two tests were conducted, firstly testing the functionality carried out by the blackbox method with reference to the ISO 9126-2 standard, which obtained that the application is functioning properly, implemented according to specifications, and features in accordance with their duties, which means functionally the application is of good quality. Second, the test is carried out using a Likert Scale which functions to find out the user's behavior towards the application. Based on the Likert Scale test, it was found that the respondents agreed that the application had an easy-to-understand appearance and ease in finding the study schedule.