Soft Computing Simulasi Ujian Nasional Berbasis Komputer (UNBK) Berbasis Web dengan Penerapan Algoritma Linear Congruent Method (Studi Kasus: SMA Negeri 5 Pekanbaru)


  • Maulana Wicaksono Politeknik Caltex Riau


The Computer-Based National Examination (UNBK) is an evaluation system established by Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan, Depdiknas Indonesia. The Computer Based National Examination (UNBK) can reduce human error in both the implementation system and the assessment system. In the face of national exams students and teachers make preparations, one of the steps to prepare UNBK is to try out. As one of the schools that runs the UNBK, SMA Negeri 5 Pekanbaru also try out with open source applications. But the drawback of the application is the randomization of uneven questions and experiencing repetition. Linear Congruent Method algorithm as a random number generator becomes one of the algorithms with a high level of effectiveness. Based on the tests carried   out, randomization using the Linear Congruent Method Algorithm was successful without experiencing repetition and as expected. In addition, all aspects of functionality in this application are as expected and successfully proven through Black Box Testing. And also based on Usability testing of 78 respondents, it was found that 86.14% of respondents strongly agreed that this application was useful, then 86.56% of respondents strongly agreed that this application was easy to use, then 87.24% of respondents strongly agreed that the application This is easy to learn, and 86.26% of the respondents strongly agree that the application produced is as intended.