Aplikasi Pencarian Lokasi Berdasarkan Ruangan, Staf, dan Event pada Kampus Politeknik Caltex Riau


  • Muhammad Hafizni Politeknik Caltex Riau


College is institution that provides an advanced level of secondary education in the formal education. The Caltex Riau Polytechnic (PCR) is one of the private Polytechnics established in 2001 in Pekanbaru. PCR itself is an institution that has wide area and large buildings, equipped with various facilities such as lab rooms, event rooms such as auditoriums and others. Based on interviews conducted with campus staff, namely security and infrastructure facilities and infrastructure, the speakers revealed that there were still many visitors who felt confused to find the room they wanted to visit. Based on these problems, there is an approach that can help visitors to find a room with the help of an application that displays a floor plan and simple route from the initial location of visitors to the location of the destination room, to direct visitors to find the location of the room. Based on testing conducted using Usability Testing that is applied to Caltex Riau University Polytechnic visitors, obtained a percentage of 86% of respondents chose strongly agree, in the sense that campus visitors gave a rating of strongly agreeing to this application, then the Black Box test results obtained by 100% with 23 items tested, and the UAT test conducted on the application admin obtained a result of 100% which indicates that the system is running well and in accordance with needs.   keywords: Plans, Routes, Paths, Website, PHP