Implementasi Data Mining Pada Klasifikasi Gizi Anak Menggunakan Metode K-NN (Studi Kasus: Puskesmas Rumbai dan Puskesmas Sialang)


  • Tamara Soinda Putri Politeknik Caltex Riau


Nutrition is a condition of nutritional intake requirements obtained by a person. The term malnutrition is defined as a state of malnutrition, either in the form of excess or lack of intake, thus causing an imbalance between needs and intake received. Nutritional health is an important factor in human growth because nutrition is very influential on brain development and behavior, work ability and productivity and resistance to infectious diseases. Based on the problems that occur at the health center related that there is doubt from the health center in determining the standard deviation. The standard deviation value is used in the calculation formula to produce a nutritional status category, so that inaccuracies occur in determining that category. then a system was built that could assist in predicting child nutrition groups using the K-NN method. Based on the confusion matrix testing conducted, from the 1469 data obtained an accuracy that is 87.2%. While testing by comparing the results of the system and z-score got an accuracy value of 86.99%.