Implementasi NoSQL Graph Database Menggunakan ArangoDB Pada Infrastuktur Big Data


  • Reza Tri Novrianzah Mahasiswa


As the data grow fast and the large number computer are uses, causing the development of data that continues increases each year, so the phenomena called big data appeared. RDMBS has limitations in managing big data because it takes very long time to access data from database. Therefore, in this final project are gonna build a big data infrastructure with implementing NoSQL ArangoDB databases. Testing the performance of ArangoDB will use YCSB. This testing will measure the performance of ArangoDB by looking runtime, throughput, and latency. On the infrastructure that are built are gonna using single node and multi node cluster that has nine nodes. The testing data that are uses has variety (500.000, 1.000.000, 1.500.000, 2.000.000) with varying number of nodes (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 nodes). Core workload YCSB that are uses in this test are have default workloads, like workload A, B, C, D, E, and F that have two process to perform that are load and run. The result of the test and analyzed that are performed that throughput and latency has affect to the runtime. The result that has long execution time than another workload is workload F, with the largest runtime that is 29103.750 seconds.