Sistem Informasi Penerimaan Obat Setiap Puskesmas di UPTD (Unit Pelaksanaan Teknis Daerah) Instalasi Farmasi Kabupaten Siak Sri Indrapura


  • Nurina Indah Fajarwati Politeknik Caltex Riau


Medicine is one of the most important needs of society. So it needs to be managed properly, efficiently and effectively. The Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of Siak Regency is one of the units that carry out drug management for the needs of a medical center in Siak district. Each medical center sends a Usage Report and Request Sheet (LPLPO) to request medicine. The length of time required by the UPTD in analyzing the LPLPO caused the UPTD to directly receive the LPLPO data without analyzing it thoroughly, resulting in uneven distribution of drugs in each medical center. Therefore it is necessary to have a system that can provide information about acceptance or rejection of drug demand by using the optimum stock formula and drug demand formula which is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) formula used in the Siak Regency UPTD. Based on testing comparison of manual calculations and system calculations the optimum stock formula and the demand formula have been successfully applied to the system with the same 100% conformity value and from the User Acceptance Test (UAT) the percentage of system feature acceptance is 100%, all features of the system have been implemented and well received so that the drug acceptance information system has been able to provide information in the form of accepted or rejected drug requests for each medical center.