Web-Based Accounting Information System Design (Case Study: Auto Audio Workshop Auto Concept Accessories)


  • Annisa Nofitriandi Nofitriandi


Car Audio Workshop The concept of Auto Accessories is a shop that is engaged in trading that sells equipment such as audio, accessories, and car seats, and services that sell wages for equipment purchased by customers. At the Car Audio Workshop all the recording of purchases and sales transactions and merchandise inventory is still done manually so that it causes a lot of errors in the making of financial statements and also errors in inventory of goods that are detrimental in business decisions. Based on the existing problems, an accounting information system and inventory of goods are made to support the Car Audio Workshop in carrying out its business. Accounting information systems are built using the PHP programming language and MySQL database. The method used is inventory valuation method that is first in first out (FIFO) because this method is suitable for the sales department where when making a sale, the goods sold are the earliest items purchased. With the existence of this system, the recording of financial statements and every transaction and amount of inventory becomes easier and more practical. This system is tested by conducting black box testing and user acceptance test (UAT) so that it can find out how user acceptance of the information system developed. Keywords: PHP, MySQL, FIFO,  Black Box and User Acceptance Test (UAT).