Rancang Case Based Reasoning Sistem Pakar Menggunakan Sorensen Coefficient untuk Diagnosis Tingkat Stres Berbasis Web


  • dementria tampubolon Politeknik Caltex Riau


Stress is a physical and psychological reaction to the demands of everyday life. Stress is experienced by everyone, male or female but women, especially housewives tend to experience stress more often. When experiencing stress a woman should consult a psychologist. However, in reality they did not do this because the housewives did not have the time and because of the uneven distribution of psychologists in each region. Based on these problems an expert system is needed that is able to diagnose stress levels and provide solutions. This system will be built on a website-based concept with Case-based reasoning and the Sorensen coefficient method. By using this system is able to diagnose stress levels and provide solutions to housewives. There are three tests namely black box testing, accuracy testing and usability testing. The results obtained through black box testing that the system is running in accordance with the expected functionality. Next, testing the accuracy of the test involving thirty-four housewives, stated that the diagnosis made by the system was 93% accurate according to the diagnosis of a psychologist. Then, based on the results of the usability percentage test that is on the questionnaire housewife and psychologist the results obtained above 80% are calculated based on 4 aspects of usability, this system is useful.