Implementasi Case-Based Reasoning Pada Sistem Pakar Penganalisa Kepribadian Manusia Dengan Metode Sorensen Coeefficient


  • Yohana Pratiwi Politeknik Caltex Riau


Individual personalities are classified into two characteristics, namely introverted and extroverted. Each individual has one of the most dominant personalities, be they introverts or extroverts. It is better for every individual to know their personality early on, because when they enter adolescence they are prone to maladaptive behavior. It is recommended that adolescents in finding their personalities must meet psychologists, then psychologists will use a paper base test to find adolescent personalities, with this conventional system sometimes encountered several problems over a long time to process the results, and that causes psychologists to require a lot of time to analyze personality while psychologists must do other work, one solution that can be done is to create an expert system of human personality. This expert system will be built using the PHP programming language, Mysql Database, Case-Based Reasoning method where this method utilizes previous experience, and also the Sorensen Coefficient method to calculate similarity using binary because the statement has no weight. With the existence of an expert system of analyzing human personality is expected to be able to help the work of psychologists in analyzing human personality precisely and quickly. After being applied in the construction of the system an expert test was carried out to 40 visitors, the test results obtained 100% of this system in accordance with the results of the diagnosis of both psychologists. It can be concluded that the expert system can be used to analyze teenage personalities. Keywords: Human Personality, Case-Based Reasoning, Sorensen Coefficient.