Expert System to Diagnose Insomnia Using a Web-Based Certainty Factor Method


  • Yora Sri Yuliyani Politeknik Caltex Riau


Insomnia is a complaint that often arises because of difficulty sleeping and restless sleep, resulting in decreased health of sufferers. The amount of costs incurred for consultation with a psychologist causes patients rarely do this insomnia examination. Then the insomnia disease diagnosis system was built using a web-based certainty factor method. Patients can make a diagnosis by filling in the symptoms that are felt. These symptoms are obtained from psychologists as experts. By using the certainty factor method, experts enter their knowledge in the MB and MD values ​​(level of confidence) of a symptom that is a definite or uncertain symptom of insomnia. The application performs the calculation of the value of certainty factor to exclude the patient's insomnia. This level is divided into 3, namely mild, moderate or severe insomnia. In addition, the application also provides advice for dealing with insomnia according to the level of diagnosis. The accuracy of the results of the application diagnosis has been tested by comparing it against an expert diagnosis. There are two experts who are used as a reference. System accuracy is obtained by 85%. With the functioning of all features of the application and a patient satisfaction level of 87% this application can help to find out the diagnosis of the level of insomnia. Keywords: Expert System, Certainty Factor, Level of Insomnia, Users