Single SSID Implementation on Mikrotik Wireless Distribution System (WDS) with IPv6-based VoIP Video Call Service


  • Benny Rinaldi Politeknik Caltex Riau


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a voice communication technology that utilizes network infrastructure like using a public telephone. Users want VoIP services that can be used to move between places. To realize this, it is necessary to build VoIP using Wi-Fi that utilizes Wireless Distribution System (WDS) technology. WDS is a technology that serves to expand the access point network without using cables as a backbone, but instead utilizes the wireless path of the access point. VoIP communication test results using the IPv6 protocol obtained the average value of delay is 16.69 ms, the average jitter is 15.08 ms, the average packet loss is 0.01%, the average throughput is 129.33 Kbps and the results of the VoIP QoS test using the IPv6 WDS obtained values the average delay is 51.92 ms, the average jitter is 29.26 ms, the average packet loss is 0.02% and the average throughput is 26.52 Kbps. The results show that the IPv6 network protocol is better than the IPv4 network protocol and in the WDS QoS VoIP network the value of delay, jitter and packet loss parameters is in a very good category based on the TIPHON standard and throughput is in the medium category, this is influenced by the distance between microtics.