Design a 2D Visualization to Monitor Data on New Student Admissions Using the Treemap Method (Case Study: Polytechnic Caltex Riau)


  • fadhel muhammad politeknik caltex riau


In this new student admission system, the university wants to know the level of new student recruitment. In improving services, monitoring is carried out in every condition that occurs. One way to monitoring is visualization. But in the current condition, if the PMB team wants to monitor in the form of visualization, they have to do data processing last year through Excel and then visualize it with additional software such as Tableau and Pentaho. So it requires a long data processing. And the condition of visualization is now in the form of a total amount of all data, without more detailed information. So to improve data processing and more detailed information, 2D visualization is built using treemap. Treemap is a method for displaying very large array data structures using rectangles and displaying data in detail. The purpose of the implementation of this final project is to produce a design data visualization of new student admissions to help decision making in determining marketing strategies. Based on the Black Box testing of 7 test items obtained results of 100%, meaning that the system runs as expected. Based on the User Acceptance Test with 9 test results obtained 100% results, meaning that all system features run as expected and are easy to use. Then an evaluation is done by interviewing the user where the system helps facilitate the PMB team in managing data on new student admissions and simplifies top level management in terms of monitoring to determine marketing strategies.