Implementation of Naïve Bayes Algorithm in Determination of Stunting Occurrence in Toddler Children (Case Study: Puskesmas Sialang)


  • Ulfa Hanum Politeknik Caltex Riau


Stunting is one kind of illness caused by chronic malnutrition and expected will be increase every year. Stunting would be clearly appear when childs are 2 years old. Government efforts in preventing the occurence of stunting can be helped by monitoring whenever Sialang health center do the weighing but this effort not enough because there is no support system that could easier the weighing. This problem also affect the effective of nutritionist’s works. To deal with this problem, a web-based application is created that can determine the incidence of stunting for children under five where naive bayes algorithm assisted in this application. From the results of testing and analysis of the application, it can be concluded that nutritionist in Sialang health center and the mother agree that this application helps in predicting the occurance of stunting and helps in providing information about stunting. This is also supported by testing the application accuracy using k-fold cross validation where the accuracy obtained is in the range 68.71% to 71.86%.