Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Gereja Menggunakan Metodologi Framework for the Application of System Thinking (FAST) (Studi Kasus : Gereja HKBP Simpang Padang Duri)


  • Noverizal Hadinata Politeknik Caltex Riau


The Huria Kristen Batak Protestan Simpang Padang Duri Church which opened since 1972. Has experienced several problems in storing church data and disseminating information. This church still uses paper media for registration and storage of church data recapitulation such as: church data, employee data, church news and minutes. So that data loss often occurs and the congregation has difficulty in obtaining information such as: the previous week's devotional devotions, the history and profile of the church, contact with church leaders and other church activities. Therefore, the HKBP Simpang Padang Church Information System was made to facilitate church congregations in obtaining information quickly and efficiently and assisting the work of church staff. In the development of this information system the Framework for the Application of System Thinking (FAST) methodology was implemented and using PHP (Hypertext Prepocessor) and Mysql as a database. The FAST method can define every problem that occurs in the church and what solutions will be taken to resolve the problem. Based on the results of tests conducted using the User Acceptance Test (UAT), the results obtained that 100% of the system is in accordance with needs and accepted by users. The results of testing in terms of website quality using the webqual method along with Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA), indicate that the actual quality (performance) perceived by users has met the ideal quality (importance) expected with a positive gap indicator value.