Sistem Informasi Pelayanan Klinik Menggunakan Metodologi Framework for Application of System Techniques (FAST) (Studi Kasus : Klinik Caroline Willy Dental Care)


  • Cindy Harri Nanda Politeknik Caltex Riau


Caroline Willy Dental Care Clinic is a dental clinic that was established in 2013 which was established by Drg. Willy Heriyanto is on Arengka Street, and has a branch located on Jalan Hangtuah, Pekanbaru. Currently for the registration process and making an appointment takes about 5 minutes for the receptionist to get patient data and confirm an appointment from the doctor. As a result of these problems patient registration becomes complicated and time consuming. Another problem that arises is that patient data is only stored in the clinic when the patient first registers, this condition is caused by the data between the main clinic and the branch that is not yet connected to each other. The solution to these problems is to build a web-based clinical service information system using the framework methodology For Application of System Technique (FAST). To identify any problems that occur at this time are identified using the PIECES analysis method in terms of (performance, information, economic, control, efficiency, service). The results of testing in terms of website quality using usability testing get 88.72% results meet the usability aspects and with black box testing it is found that 100% functional on the system is appropriate and running well. Keywords: Framework for Application of System Techniques, Clinical Services Information System, PIECES.