Sistem Informasi Lowongan Kerja Berbasis Web


  • Nadia Afrylia Politeknik Caltex Riau


 In developing information technology, a mechanism for recruiting prospective workers in the field is needed to be more effective and efficient. A lot of research has been done to bring up the Web-Based Job Information System, with this information system job seekers can easily get the information they need in detail. So this job information system can overcome the problems experienced by applicants and companies in exchanging information about job openings. User Acceptance Testing results consisting of 20 test items that each step, data and test responses of existing features have been going well, according to the needs and accepted by the user. Likewise with the results of the usability test obtained 86.51% that respondents said the system helps and facilitates exchanging job information in terms of usability, user convenience, ease of learning and satisfaction. Furthermore, based on the results of interviews testing the implementation of this system can assist in the job application process well. Keywords: Information, Jobs, Information Systems, Web.