Pengembangan Informational Dashboard Untuk Visualisasi Tingkat Kepuasan Mahasiswa Terhadap Kinerja Dosen Dalam Mengajar


  • Ismi Nurhasanah Mahasiswa


The success of student achievement is one manifestation of the performance of lecturers to achieve their mission. One of the lecturers' performance that is measured is the ability to teach which can be seen through the level of student satisfaction towards the learning method conducted by the lecturer. The results of lecturer performance measurement can be done in various ways for example through tables, writing, pictures or bars. One visualization model is an informational dashboard model. The results of this study to facilitate the management of the head of staffing, QA, Kaprodi and lecturers in looking at the results of lecturer teaching performance, can be visualized through a dashboard that has been tested using functionality and usability testing. In testing the functionality of the system 100% went well, while the usability testing with 10 respondents and 10 questions including Kaprodi, lecturer, head of staffing, and the qa section obtained an average value of 75.4% of the results of the presentation can be said that the user agrees to system.